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Yothaka furnishes your life with simple, authentic and hand-crafted Thai-style furniture.

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ICA 2015 ASEAN Selections


Good Design Award


Best Exhibit Award, International Furniture Fair Singapore


Good Design Award


Silpakorn Award


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Good Design Award


Design for Asia Award


Good Design Award


Good Design Award

As the very first Thai furniture brand to step onto the world's furniture and handicraft stage, Yothaka continually creates delicate hand-crafted furniture full of creativity, contemporary touches and authentic design.

Yothaka is the pioneer of using water hyacinth to make furniture in Thailand’s furniture manufacturing industry, and it remains a notable hand-crafted maker since it was established in 1989.

For more than three decades, the company has worked closely with the local community to design and create fine hand-made water hyacinth and rattan furniture as well as other home accessories such as straw boxes, basketry, stationery, etc.

To maintain an outstanding brand and remain a leader in the field of high-quality industrial crafts, Yothaka constantly restructures its collections and designs new models every year. As a result, the company now offers a wide range of in-house designed furniture and accessories that creatively combine modern lifestyle concepts with unique Thai wisdom and character.

It can be said that Yothaka is unique and different from other competitors because of its original design, using more than 70% of domestic materials, including a variety of  environmentally friendly items and a large collection of design works. 

Yothaka is also well accepted as a contemporary furniture designer with heritage DNA. Meanwhile,”Khun Rak”, Suwan Kongkhunthian, the founder of Yothaka is remarkably acknowledged as the design master of Thailand. His works always inspire new designers of later generations. 

Under a strong identity with quality, creativity, a contemporary spirit and consistent hard work, Yothaka promises to open the doors for the world to experience the greatness of Thai furniture. Meanwhile, the brand continues to   forge ahead, developing new design skills along with the adoption of local traditional handicrafts.


Dalai Chair

The product is known as the design icon of Yothaka. This wide, floor hugging chair reflects a sense of Thai wisdom for a simple and relaxing way of life in the modern design world.

Lunar Chair

This model is inspired by a local antique chair. Yothaka has reinterpreted the concept of this old chair to be more contemporary for use as an item of fine comfort in the contemporary environment.



Pong-Amorn Building, 3rd Floor
1028/5 Rama 4 Road
Thungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok 10120

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