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The Uni_form Design Studio

The Uni_form Design Studio Bangkok based Uni_form Design Studio creates extensive, vibrant collages that grace a variety of publications and items.

Uniform _BNK48-77-no-Suteki-na-Machi-e



Design Excellence Award (DEmark) Thailand

The works of Uni_form Design Studio always open our eyes and minds, with works ranging from the new look of the legendary Thai’s rooster bowl to the BNK48 band CDs, among countless others.

This design studio was born out of a collaboration between two graphic designers:Wutthipat Somjit and Pariwat A-nantachina. The duo met in university and then headed off exploring their own paths after graduation. Wutthipat worked for the internationally acclaimed magazineWallpaper*, while Pariwat joined the King Power International corporation. In 2013 their journeys  converged once again, at Bangkok University where they both became special lecturers and decided to set up The Uni_form Design Studio to expand their passions for typography and collage art. Today, the studio is widely recognized by its stunning and lively collage works.

Lampang Rooster Ceramic 

Rooster bowl pottery in Thailand is considered a Geographical Indication (GI) product. This version of the rooster bowl designed by The Uni_form Design Studio reflects a variety of styles and local motifs such as chickens, banana trees and peonies — all of which are entirely hand painted.

Go For The Goal Paper Catalogues 

Brisk” paper came in four different distinct textures—Original, Matte, Eggshell and Granite. The studio began this design journey for Antalis by interpreting the word brisk, which means quick and energetic to the concept of “Go for the Goal”, a sport event that brings players together. The final work is classified into four different creative catalogues—Triumph, Sports Series, The Stadium and Echo.

BNK48 CD Covers and Character Set

The duo designed this collectible CD cover with the “Origami” concept that exists in both Japanese and Thai cultures. Another award-winning work is a new character set designed exclusively for BNK48’s Jabaja album. The typefaces are based on the designs of the band members’ Senbatsu costumes.

The Wat Phra Kaew’s Guidebook

This guidebook was designed under the concept “Beautiful Contrast”, with many colorful covers, attached postcard envelopes, etc. Besides the prestigious layout design, readers will find an eccentric leading space, hidden page numbers and layered colourful papers — all influenced by the cultural context of the sacred Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). The whole design reflects the existence of deities that are still perceptibly unknown.


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