The more casual side to MOO Asava

Making a switch from glamorous red carpets, Polpat Asavaprapha, one of Bangkok’s most prolific fashion designers has come up with a line for men to chill out in.

The day that Polpat “Moo” Asavaprapha creates menswear has finally arrived. In the past eleven years since founding Thai socialites’ chic go-to brand Asava, the eponymous designer has steadily established both himself and his clothes as a solid player in Thailand’s fashion circuit. While his past collections may be the sort of clothes you find in the closets of the stylish crowd, his menswear label, MOO, takes on a more casual thread. 

Recently launched at a pop-up store at CentralWorld, the brand features a variety of tees, polos, jackets, sweats, sleepwear, bathing robes, as well as accessories such as tote bags, caps, key chains and scarves. Usually seen with his iconic wide sunglasses, without a single hair out of place and in sharp duds, gentlemen who’d like to take a page of style from the Asava book of sophistication without fancy frills can take after Polpat directly here. The founder of Asava Group, as well as the designer behind Miss Universe Thailand 2018’s evening gown and one of the mentors on The Face Men Thailand, ever the one to always be immaculately dressed, says “MOO is completely my style.  Everything I like to wear, want to wear and think men should wear is all included in this brand. There’s only casual wear because I want it to be like our tagline, where we want it to be “moo moo”, something for everybody. Something easy that can be worn every day.”

From Asava to MOO

This fun play on the word and Polpat’s nickname literally translates to easy peasy. Unlike his top tier main brand of Asava, which stands for sophistication and elegance, MOO was conceived to be playful and approachable to all. Technically, it is a line for men, but is also unisex to some extent—women who’d like a cool masculine vibe can easily work these basic pieces into their looks. Taking silhouettes from workwear and American vintage, pieces from the collection are reworked for a more contemporary practicality. Evoking a sense of fun, there are playful details such as custom jacket buttons with sleek MOO lettering and bold, preppy graphics. Polpat has always loved his stripes, and many fabrics from this 2019/1 collection bring a large share, alongside color blocks and paisley prints. “We have thought out carefully that everything that we do and produce must be sure to be a value combination of practicality, feelings and price,” Polpat explains of his latest brand. “It’s the whole package where we believe gentlemen will be able to look handsome in a way that is not being too extra or too plain. We don’t really see that kind of clothes in the market. It’s clothes from with a foundation of classic elements, but classic modern with a twist. I feel that it is from a point that is not too far from a guy. When men buy clothes, they don’t see so much whether it is fashionable or not but whether it is suited to their way of life.”  

“It’s all pieces men are familiar with, but they may be a tad bit more fashionable and their silhouettes have changed,” he adds. “Like we have lazy lay pants too, but its shapes have changed to be more streamlined so you don’t look like a bum.” 

After over a decade in building his brands, the founder is confident that MOO will win male customers too. “If people see the brand, they will see that it truly has a core identity,” he comments. “It has a very clear men’s character. I think that today both menswear and womenswear turn around very fast but what’s missing is a clear character. This is the moment that people are looking for something that is meaningful and valuable to them—something that suits their character and lifestyle. Brands that can sustain themselves are ones that have authenticity.” 

Thai and proud

Also going for the Colette Paris approach of offering buzzy collaboration collections, MOO will also be actively working with other Thai lifestyle legends in order to fly the Thai flag. Denims have been reimagined with Mc Jeans, while another legendary brand collaboration is already in the works, namely Nanyang shoes. “I want MOO to be a Thai lifestyle brand that Thais are proud of,” Polpat envisions. “It’s made mainly to cater to Thai lifestyles. Creavity and product-wise, I really don’t think we have any problems measuring up to other brands internationally. The problem is how to make Thais proud of Thai products and to support each other. Before it can be renowned internationally, it needs to be loved and supported by the locals first. That is what MOO is trying to achieve.”

The most important question though, is probably whether Polpat will also dress his male clients for the red carpet, the way he has for the past 11 years for Thai women. Will there ever be a formal men’s line too? The founder says, “As of now no, because I’m still having fun with casual wear. It’s another dimension for me to work with and after being with formal womenswear for so long, now I want to have fun. I don’t want to go back to that same frame and for me, this is like a completely new playground. And I want it to still be a playground for now, although I can assure you that process to come up with this line has not been easy peasy at all!”

Shop for the MOO 2019/1 collection at moomoothings.com or find out where the next pop-up store will be on Instagram @moo.moo.things.  

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