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The Head and the Heart Studio

At this design studio, the creatively produced works speak from both the head and heart to tell a compelling story.

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Design Excellence Awards (DEmark) - Packaging Design


Design Excellence Awards (DEmark) - Packaging Design​

Focusing on in-depth research and experiments, The Head and The Heart Studio creates innovative design solutions by blending scientific approaches with emotional elements.

The Head and The Heart Studio was founded in 2016 by Nham (the head) and Nam (the heart), two film graduates who had gone hand-in-hand to pursue a degree in graphic design in NYC. With their background in film studies, both founders commited to create designs without losing a sense of storytelling, as every design should start from having a vivid idea. The name was derived from the motif and the method of the brand — having scientific approaches toward designing processes to create the products with heart and soul. 

Having strong positions in niche markets, the brand is looking forward to working with forward-thinking companies of all kinds, bringing innovation and Thai craftsmanship to serve clients’ needs from A to Z. Although the pandemic has disrupted the whole world, The Head and The Heart Studio aims to expand into providing more in-depth design advice, as such in the latest edition of DITP: Agricultural Innovation, and focusing on packaging design.


The simplicity of Smith’s packaging reflects the brand philosophy to use natural anti-aging solutions to preserve natural beauty. The perfect triangle cutting on the packaging portrays the concept of perfect imperfection. Smith packaging by The Head and The Heart Studio has won the DEmark Award 2020.

Siam 1928

The concept of Siam 1928 is “The Smell of Thai Essence”, telling Thai folklore through designs. Every stage of the production required effort: from the intensive consultations with the ceramic manufacturers to achieve designing a perfume bottle with high-quality materials, to the meticulous golden color made from real gold. The pride of Thais and determination of everyone behind Siam 1928 are contained in each bottle. The products won the DEmark Award 2020 in packaging design.


Monkey Riding Tiger Concept 

Monkey Riding Tiger is farm-to-table pop up dining and food truck experiences gathered in Rama 9, Bangkok. The project marks the collaboration between chefs and farmers to widely distribute organic, clean and fairly traded local ingredients — that Thailand is abundant with — across the country. The project is a part of Bangkok Design Week 2020. 




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