The Cabinet of Curiosities of Lotus Arts de Vivre

This luxury Thai brand positions itself as a global craft powerhouse with 5 special projects this year.
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“If you buy a car these days, a machine-made one is great. But for many products, the handmade ones might be better, because they have more values.” This statement seems to come out naturally from Rolf Von Bueren, co-founder of Thai jewelry and home decor brand Lotus Arts de Vivre, the brand that has presented Thai craftsmanship to the world for decades.

Recently, Rolf invited a group of media to his house to introduce the brand’s special projects for this year. In his eighties, he travels more than 200 days a year to source for the best materials to create exquisite works of art. The materials, from high-quality rosewood from China to precious gems from the most remote corners of the world, will be made into products by local Thai artisans and craftspeople.

And to highlight the handmade charm and the brand’s position as a leading luxury curator, Lotus Arts de Vivre, led by Rolf and his two sons Sri and Nicki, will present 5 special projects showcasing luxury offerings to covet, namely the Lotus Arts de Vivre Masterpiece which showcases the brand’s iconic creations, Cartier Vintage Watches which presents the personal collection of Henri Fane, Padma Gems Masterpiece Jewelry that reinterprets Maharajas’ gems into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, Japanese Obi Master which showcases a collection designed by obi master Genbei Yamaguchi, and Ralf Ohletz Masterpieces which highlights the rare items of this prestigious antique collector. So, be prepared to witness these upcoming projects throughout the year. But for now, you can visit Lotus Arts de Vivre boutique at Anantara Siam Bangkok.

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