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Sumphat Gallery

Bangkok-based brand Sumphat Gallery creates luxury design objects with senses and sensibilities as well as with humanistic designs.

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Innovative Craft Award


Designer of the Year Award

Founded by architect and designer Rush Pleansuk and photographer Phillipe Moisan, Sumphat Gallery praises local wisdom and human skills through collaborations with local craft communities to create outstanding collections.
In Thai, the word “sumphat” means “touch”, and that is the intention of the brand’s founders architect and designer Rush Pleansuk and photographer Phillipe Moisan. Together, they aim to create works that have the heart and soul. Sumphat or Sumphat Gallery has thus worked with numerous craft communities across Thailand to create collections of luxury objects that blend modern design with traditional craft techniques.
In order to connect the history of the past to the present, Sumphat has gone on journeys to learn about long-lost craftsmanship and to revive it through design. Driven by the Wabi Sabi philosophy, the works of Sumphat celebrate the beauty of human imperfections that enables us to feel. “We feel nothing from perfection, but we always feel something from imperfections,” explains Rush Pleansuk. As a result, each piece by Sumphat, which is created by hand, is truly emotional and one-of-a-kind.
Sumphat is now focusing more on the designs that match the needs of the current generation that spends more time at home and practices social distancing during the pandemic. The brand’s future works thus revolve around the idea of making home a more liveable place.


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