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Sculpture takes unusual materials and turns them into extraordinary, anything-but-the-usual furniture.

Sculpture seatbelt chair



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Sculpture is a furniture and home design company, best known for its fearless moves in using unusual materials in furniture manufacturing, enhanced with a twist of indigenous Thai weaving techniques.

When Katniss Everdeen was taken into the penthouse before the game in The Hunger Games (2012), the 8-story bright green chairs surrounding the glass table caught her eye. It was the first time Katniss and the world saw the Sexy Dining Chairs, but it wasn’t the first-time Sculpture experienced success  in their work in the furniture industry. 

The company, founded by Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn in 2004, proves that regardless of the company size, having a strong identity can strengthen brand experiences. The brand may have stepped into the global arena when its product “Sexy Dining Chair” made an appearance in the blockbuster The Hunger Games (2012); however, the chairs were created in 2004, receiving the Pinnacle Awards by American Society of Furniture Designs in 2008. 

With the cutting-edge mindset that you can find inspiration from everything, Sculpture remains its identity to create the brand experience, focusing on making unique products from devalued materials like seat belt strapping. As Sexy Dining Chairs were referred to as “Seatbelt Chairs” among the internet fandom due to the products’ main materials, the brand has created various products that feature seatbelt trapping such as the Sleepy Chair, Sway Rocking Chair and Bar Stool. Backed by various awards and winning the hearts of oversea distributors, the signature Sexy Dining Chair and other products are available at their two main showrooms in Bangkok: 4th floor of ICONSIAM and 4th floor of Siam Discovery.

Thai craftsmanship’s delicateness is woven into every product that screams Sculpture name — without brand tags — by its timeless design and the unusual materials’ twist. Sculpture is collaborating with Masaya in the upcoming edition of Style Bangkok 2021. For almost 20 years in the design business, Sculpture’s direction focuses on creating new products from unexpected materials with unpredicted techniques.  Believing that Covid-19 will radically reshape the furniture industry, Sculpture focuses on building furniture with its signature style to meet the work-from-home surge.  

Sexy Dining Chair

“Resembling a corset at the front, and a high heel at the back” is the sensual reason behind the name of the Sexy Dining Chairs. With unusual materials like seat belt strapping, Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn used the weaving techniques inspired by Thai traditional basket and container weaving crafts to maximize material utilization with a twist of uniqueness. Reflecting extensive research in woven materials, the chairs are designed to have soft-touch surfaces, flexibility, and durable quality with different shades at the same line; they display different colors from back and front. The products have earned an iconic status of being eco-friendly and sexy since the first design in 2004. 


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