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Taste the subtle but mellow flavor of authentic local playful design with Salt and Pepper Studio.

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Design Excellence Award (DEmark) Thailand


Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

Combined with colorful graphics and patterns through the collaboration with local skilled craftsmen, Salt and Pepper continually offers contemporary furniture, perfectly serving functional and aesthetic demands.

Founded by Pipidh Khowsuwan and Anchana Thongpaitoon, Salt and Pepper Studio is a professional and small design team of artists, as well as product and interior designers based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Being impressed with the beauty of authentic local Thai arts and crafts, Salt and Pepper Studio aims to combine these aesthetics  with daily used items and products, to perfectly align with the urban . To balance design, production, technology and craftsmanship in order to create a unique and contemporary design concept is our challenge, fascination and pleasure.

Since its establishment, Salt and Pepper has worked in various fields of arts and design, including furniture, products, packaging, graphics, branding, handicraft developments and fine arts. It can be said that Salt and Pepper Studio is profoundly passionate in arts and crafts, especially those involved with the human touch.

As one of Thailand’s leading home-grown brands in industrial design, the studio cooperates and works closely with local communities and Thai craftsmen in order to adapt those precious traditional values into the modern era. We also strictly insist on consistently using local materials.

Meanwhile, with the unique perspective and various experiences, Salt and Pepper studio aims to create more creative design via the perfect combination of local arts and aesthetics with the modern era. The studio expects to add more values into Thai architecture and creative industry, making the nation to be more accepted internationally.

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SPUTNIK Collection

This collection includes a set of indoor and outdoor chairs, benches, stools and a sofa. The sleek steel tubes and chair frames represent the modern space age that began after the launching of the Sputnik satellite. Meanwhile, to make it more contemporary and unique in design, the studio mixes local traditional weaving patterns with various colors. Therefore, the collection not only makes users feel comfortable but also serves the different needs, moods and tones of each user and setting.   

OCEAN Collection

This furniture set is full of colorful graphic patterns that were inspired by the colors of the winds and oceans. The aim of making this collection is to reduce the waste being left to the sea. Therefore, table tops are created from leftover wood veneers from the process of repurposing leftover materials. With the combination of contemporary colors and the collaboration with experienced craftsmen, the studio adds significant value to unique, modern furniture.


Tha Raeng, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10230



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