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Rubber Killer

Rubber Killer has continuously been transforming trash into treasures.

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Design Excellence Awards (DEmark) Thailand


Thailand Trust Mark award


Prime Minister’s Award Thailand

Environmentally conscious and creative, Rubber Killer is on a mission to carry forth the business with an anti-consumerism stance, literally killing rubber from the waste cycle.

Tires last for approximately 200,000 km, after which they pile up as a burden to Mother Nature at the landfills. But it took a man with an eco-friendly will and sustainable mind, like Saroengrong Wong-Savun, to extend the useful life of inner tubes as quality products under the brand Rubber Killer. When this Chiang Mai based company started up in 2010, the path wasn’t a bed of roses; the social perception toward recycled materials was not widely accepted and some boundaries were raised. Rubber Killer went the extra mile to make durable, sustainable  and aesthetically unique products out of more than 30,000 recycled inner tubes from all types of vehicles.

Every Rubber Killer product is produced from used inner tubes, without any use of fresh-off-the shelves rubber. Other best quality materials and components are used together with the inner tubes, to offer them more room for innovation. Rubber Killer has become one of the nation’s most celebrated brands with more than 60 choices of products like messenger bags, tote bags, backpacks, wallets, straps and ankle straps, etc. The tremendous hidden value of such items has made them functional treasures among customers of all ages and genders. The brand has expanded into ready-to-wear collections, footwear, specialty bags and accessories to further meet the needs of customers who are adventurous at heart.

Looking forward to expanding its product selections while narrowing down the targeted customers, the brand has also launched motorcycle saddlebags to make bike trips practical for riders. Apart from maintaining the signature features, Rubber Killer is aiming to focus more on niche markets, with the biker society being one such segment.

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Dustin Masks

Dustin is a face mask made from the company’s signature wrinkle nylon. It is washable and quick to dry. With replaceable filter pockets [3x BFE (99%) and PPE (98%)] tested filters included, Dustin comes in six gender-neutral colors, enabling progressive, stylish people to be able to practice social distancing in the distinctive style of Rubber Killer.


Rubber Killer Flagship Store : 26/1 11 Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

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