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Renim Project shows the possibilities of making the green concept go hand-in-hand with high fashion.

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Believing that we can be both fashionable and eco-friendly, Renim Project works to realize that idea, guided by passion in design and environmental consciousness.
Renim Project began its journey after realizing that Thailand, the project’s hometown, is one of the third world countries’ top destinations of dumped clothing. To help the planet reduce these wastes, and not create new ones, Renim Project steps up by reconstructing the concept of high fashion in terms of REMADE/REDUCE/REDESIGN. The brand recreates, redesigns and rebirths second-hand clothing, jeans and other deadstock from modern agencies and the fashion industry.
Meanwhile, to lay claims as a sustainable fashion brand, Renim Project seriously ensures that they take a holistic, 360-degree approach in both sourcing materials and during the production process. Most of the collection is totally made from recycled fabrics, second-hand jeans and cloth, and unused discarded materials, while the process of creation utilizes every small piece that is cut off, to make a new piece of recycled fabric again.
Moreover, the brand makes it more sustainable by combining other recycled items to create outstanding, stylish work. By focusing on quality not quantity, Renim Project also paves the way to support local artisans and specialists by using their skills and techniques in all the pieces of the collections. This helps increase their earnings while maintaining all traditional handicraft knowledge. Renim Project currently plans to raise more brand awareness as recycled haute couture fashion as well as design more innovative, eco-friendly fashion to serve the creative industry.


161/227-228 Soi Kamnanmaen 26 Soi Ekkachai 36, Jomthong Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok 10150 Thailand
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