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Qualy revives plastic waste into functional, sustainable and interesting designs.

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As the world needs an innovative way to solve the plastic waste crisis, Qualy strongly believes that green concept design and creativity is another avenue with the potential to help sustain livelihoods and protect the environment.

Since being founded in 2004, Qualy’s concept of design is to create accessories for everyday life with unique creativity, functional uses and environmentally friendly materials.

All products make users feel inspired and happy,  as well as make them enjoy being a part of broader environmental preservation efforts. Apart from continually producing a high-quality product in the industrial level, Qualy serves to help other companies to design products made by recycled materials as part of their respective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. 

Meanwhile, the goal of Qualy is not only to create design works that exude a joyful and friendly vibe,  it also aims to adapt every left-over material from the industrial sectors to become new usable products again.  By collaborating with the local community and other leading brands, Qualy strongly believes in creating the world of the sustainable circular economy.

qualy-push stick

Push & Spray

This product is designed to answer the needs for cleaning and hygiene during the present COVID-19 pandemic. It is used to clean any area you are unsure of and to push buttons, such as in elevators, that are shared with the public. The product is made from a recycled material, which are discarded fishing nets, combined with high-quality aluminum.


Qualy’s plant pots come with various sizes and designs, and they are all equipped with a self-watering system that helps users easily water their plants throughout the week.



This illuminating product is created under the cooperation between Qualy and Thinkk Studio in order to overcome all the limits from any differences in the design arena. 


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