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Plural Designs

Plural Designs conveys a simple and unique idea through the combination of different materials that reflect the diversity of urban lifestyles.

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By working with local communities nationwide, Plural Designs narrates a unique story in its design and production techniques, with a clear understanding of the essence of material and making processes.

A multi-disciplinary design studio with a background in architectural design, Plural Designs expanded its experience into furniture design and custom-made products. It creates unique items under the Plural Designs brand for furniture and home accessories. Since 2016, the studio has worked with craft communities across Thailand to jointly develop craft products as well as work on art installation and exhibition projects that connect the architectural design approach with natural materials and handmade processes.

“We are convinced that the incorporation of technology and industrial processes into design should be developed from existing knowledge rather than overwriting it.”

Beyond aesthetic appeal, Plural Designs is keen to experiment more with new materials and new design methodologies that will live up to the materials’ potential to create a solution for everyday living.

Loom Chair

Inspired by looms, a cloth-making machine that reflects the imagination of people in each community, Loom Chair functions as a practical representation of crafts and cultural heritage of the community. Parts of the chair are produced by people in the community with various methods such as knitting and weaving, before they are sent back for final product assembly.

Air Teacup

Inspired by “kratip”, or sticky rice baskets made from fine bamboo woven in double layers to keep sticky rice warm, Air Teacup is designed to have double walls with an opening for ventilation. It is glazed in a jade green celadon color that is a unique characteristic of Siam Celadon, the product collaborator, for more than 40 years. Under the name “Green Master Collection”, the glaze colors are developed to five shades, to demonstrate the professional expertise of Siam Celadon.

Ray Planter

Ray Planter reflects a collaborative project with PTTGC, which is developed from recycled plastic under the principle of a circular economy that fits the modern lifestyle.

Everlasting Forest: Installation at Bangkok Design Week 2020

Also working with PTTGC, Plural Designs created an installation titled “Everlasting Forest” at Bangkok Design Week 2020. The work underlines the “Circular Living” concept under the principles of BCG, namely theBio Bioeconomy, Circular economy and Green economy. All materials used in the installation are eco-friendly. 


9th floor Sri Fuang Fung building 1016 Rama 4th road, Silom, Bangrak 10500 Thailand



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