Deeply fascinated by weaving and delicate Thai handicrafts, Supattra Kreaksakul and Varongkorn Tienpermpool have established the Patapian brand to create woven housewares and home accessories from various natural materials, such as wood and bamboo. This strong passion brought them to the idea of combining the unique weaving patterns and techniques with other materials to create contemporary daily products. Therefore, not only has Patapian made many unique and outstanding products, the brand also brings nature and local art closer to the lifestyles of people these days.

First appearing in a trade fair in Japan, Patapian has since grown its brand internationally. Their works have proved that local Thai handicrafts can be applied to and created into various kinds of products that are completely compatible with urban living concepts.

Since the beginning, Patapian has been committed to developing outstanding work, to be accepted and recognized internationally as well as to improve quality and promote Thai traditional handicrafts to be known in the global market. Under this commitment, the brand expects to keep Thai traditional arts and handicrafts aligned with Thai lifestyles. At the same time, Patapain hopes to raise awareness among the new generations to see the values in Thai arts so that they will participate to develop and create more work. Also, Patapian aims to convey some local issues via various decorative housewares from heritage local crafts that are filled with artistic contemporary beauty.

Patapian's works

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