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Moonler showcases authentic Thai craftsmanship through the natural beauty of local wood.

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Design Excellence Award (DEmark) Thailand

Combining the notable characteristics of wood with the delicacy of local craftsmanship, Moonler aims to present stylish, high quality Thai wooden furniture.

Starting from a small local handicraft shop in Chiang Mai province in 2008, in the northern part of Thailand, Moonler gradually developed its passion in local wood craftsmanship to become a large wood production and product distribution brand.

With the expertise of wood making furniture, which has been passed through the generations, Moonler grew and expanded its production facilities and capabilities to its current premise of 4,000 square meters. This expansive space encompasses a wood workshop, metal workshop and showroom, located at Moonler’s hometown, Doi Saket district in Chiang Mai.

However, having only an expertise in handcrafted wood would not be enough for Moonler to thrive; design and creativity mark important factors in their evolution as well. Moonler, therefore, has invited many young designers to be part of the furniture making process, enhancing the traditional wood craftsmanship with fresh ideas and design savvy.

Since its inception, Moonler has become one of the experts in the design and manufacturing of wooden furniture, especially Monkey Pod Wood, which is Moonlers’ main raw material.

Moonler’s collections are well-designed and delicately made, focusing on natural styling, clean lines, simple allure and contemporary aesthetics. Throughout the process of production and material use, Moonler’s collections remain environmentally friendly. 

Meanwhile, the brand is committed to extending itself via more collaborations and development with the local community. They also continue to make Thai wooden furniture to be known and accepted as a green and high-quality product with aesthetics that reflect local craftsmanship and skills. 

Siam Bookshelf

This wooden home decoration piece serves as a part of Moonler’s special collection, which employs celadon, a traditional ceramic, as part of the creation process. The shelf is assembled from scraps of wood to form a contemporary shape that perfectly fits modern lifestyles.



51 Moo1, Samranrat, Doisaket, Chiang Mai, 50220, Thailand
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