Bangkok’s iconic Montien Hotel reintroduces Ruenton Restaurant

Montien Hotel Surawong unveils the first phase after the renovation with the reopening of Ruenton Restaurant.
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Montien Hotel Surawong_03 Ruenton_Show Kitchen

After 18 months of renovation, Bangkok’s iconic Montien Hotel Surawong is now unveiling its first phase in the form of Ruenton restaurant, which has been famous for its tasty Hainanese chicken rice.

Named as a Bib Gourmand restaurant two years in a row by Michelin Guide Thailand, this lively destination has hosted guests, celebrities, and fans for over 40 years. Ruenton serves authentic Thai-Chinese delicacies like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Thai Fried Noodles, Crispy Mussels, Dim Sum and many more.

With the help of Thailand’s acclaimed interior design studio P49, Ruenton comes back fresher than before. Occupying a space of 800 square meters on the North Wing, the restaurant can accommodate more than 250 diners in a choice of settings that are ideal for lounge dining, intimate dinners, social gatherings and corporate get-togethers. In addition, there are two private dining rooms, three function rooms and a lounge area.

The interior design focuses on the modern-retro feel, reflected through refurbished old furniture pieces and furnishings, life cooking stations inspired by Thailand’s street markets, vintage colors of indigo blue, basil green and mustard yellow, together with the collection of Chinese pottery and antiques of the owners of the hotels. Despite of the fresh look, the restaurant still presents the same recipes for the food, overseen by Chef Amnuay Aneksuwan, the hotel’s executive chef that has been with the hotel for more than 20 years.

 To celebrate its return, Ruenton offers all-you-can-eat Dim Sum lunch from now until 20 December 2020. Guests can enjoy various Dim Sum classics for THB 688++ per person on the weekdays and THB 888++ per person on the weekend and public holidays. 

Ruenton restaurant is located on the Ground Floor, North Wing, Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok. Open daily from 11.30 hrs for lunch and 18.00 hrs for dinner.

For inquiries and reservations, tel. 094-453-2828, 094-552-8798

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