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Mobella upholsters modern furniture with the best of Thai craftsmanship and materials.

Mobella Kowma



Japan’s Good Design Award


Prime Minister’s Export Award

A renowned upholstery furniture brand, Mobella transforms groundbreaking design into a functional art piece. Not only an exclusive, made-to-order service, the brand has earned recognition for its unique designs and high quality fabrics.

Established in 1992, Mobella has since gained an excellent reputation not only in Thailand, but also in Japan and Europe for its styles and substances. The Thai-born upholsterer offers a customization service to cater to style-conscious homeowners’s satisfaction through its collection of sofas, armchairs,  beds  and home accessories

Led by award-winning designer Anuphon Yooyuen, Mobella’s in-house designers are well-known for their creative minds that match modernized Thai elements with international design standards. 

Takraw Stool

Inspired by Thai weaving techniques, Takraw Stool represents one of the iconic pieces from the modern Thai collection. The stools come in earthy colors for friendly looks. The designer portrays the charm of Thai handicrafts in a context of a modernized world.  

Kowma Collection

Kowma is a signature textile with multiple purposes used by local people in rural areas across the country. The designers depict the character of this iconic Thai apparel and interpret it with an eye-catching version. This results in a one-of-a-kind furniture piece.

Pasaan Collection

PASAAN offers hundred of combination possibilities to display your lounge. The set of 1 seater, couch, stool and armbox could be independently placed or combined and rearranged to create the whole spacing fit to your imagination.


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