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Lamunlamai.Craftstudio creates ceramic crafts with hands and heart.

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Lamunlamai.Craftstudio blends Thai craftsmanship skills with an industrial approach to increase scale in terms of value and production processes.
Nol Netprom and Nopkamol Akarapongpaisan followed their hearts to make crafts cool again. Starting with a studio on the rooftop of Nol’s house, the duo developed the concept of ceramic pottery products for daily use. Today, the first thing that comes to mind when the term “lamunlamai” pops up is pastel (think light, gentle hues — the name itself means soft, tender or mellow in Thai). When Nol experimented on porcelain color coatings, the palette came out giving off warm, homey vibes. The name of the brand thus derived from such tones, to define the products with a touch of gentleness. In addition to color coating, Nol also imparts an expertise in techniques, while Nopkamol loves to apply texture in her works, delivering messages and feelings through objects.

Since the founding of the brand in 2012, Lamunlamai.Craftstudio has enchanteda global audience with its authentic, statement-making stance, offering ceramic pottery products as well as design services via custom-made tableware and cutlery for a chef‘s table and art installations. Lamunlamai can be interpreted as providing three core-characteristics: the homey and warm vibes of design, the integration of expertise and the balance of customer needs with the brand identity. To date, it has collaborated with many brands, from decorative wall art with Starbucks to custom-made tableware for two-Michelin-starred restaurant Sorn. The latter changed Thailand’s food scene, creating conversations between chefs and diners through custom-made tableware.

The gentle vibes of the products result from the integration of the founders’ experiences and skills. For Nol and Nopkamol, having the “lamunlamai approach” is the foundation for efficient, non-verbalcommunications with clients and end-users. The approach can be adapted for the pandemic, where, for example, custom designed cutlery and tableware for fine dining restaurants help to enhance the culinary experience without crossing social distancing lines. The firm has also increased productivity, having up-to-date online platforms to keep up with their clients.

Lamunlamai. Craftstudio is expanding into Europe and the United States, fueled by the positive feedback from their exhibitions in Maison&Objet, Paris. Aiming to produce more product lines that speak for clients in selected stores and art galleries, the brand is tirelessly developing their signature color coating and textures with a twist of Thai craftsmanship through materials and production processes.

Thai Mongkol Flower Wall Decor Plates

Thai Mongkol Flower Wall Decor Plate hails from a collection of ceramic centerpieces and wall decorations, selected for display at Maison&Objet Paris 2018. Inspired by the Thai belief of planting the auspicious flowers to attract charm and good luck, the purely handcrafted collection leaves a trace of Thai flowers on some products’ surfaces. The simplicity of the plates has contemporary effects, suitable for home decoration or as centerpieces at dining tables.

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