Kengo Kuma designs special packages for Aman skincare

A special collaboration between word-famous architect and hospitality brand.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games comes closer, the wooden stadium by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is much anticipated. Replacing previous design by Zaha Hadid Architects, the three-tiered 80,000-seat wooden lattice stadium is expected to be ready in November 2019.

But before that, let’s take a look at his recent work with international luxury hospitality brand Aman. This collaboration is quite uncommon, since what he designed not a building but the packaging of Aman’s skincare products. This special collection for the 30th anniversary of this wellness-oriented hospitality brand consists of more than 30 products, from face creams, serums, face masks, body oils, milk baths, to balm.

“Nature is synonymous with change and potential. Whatever seems fixed and immutable within our myopic human time-span, is still in flux over glacial aeons because it’s free particles”  – Kengo Kuma

In terms of packaging design, Kengo Kuma drew inspiration from the curving shapes of traditional Japanese porcelain vases to create round-shaped bottles and jars with vein-like details similar to patterns in trees and marble. The colors are matte black and brown to echo the architect’s preference for natural materials and the natural quality of the products. The collection is exclusively sold online at aman.com/skincare and every Aman resorts.

Images: courtesy of Aman Resorts

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