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Bathroom Design I-Spa offers a full range of highly innovative technology and design of bathroom products, furniture, and fittings.




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Good Design Award


Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

One of Thailand's leading manufacturers of bathroom products since 1995, Bathroom Design I-Spa recently created products to match the ‘New Normal’ lifestyle such as a self-installed, freestanding bathtub.

With the expertise in bringing innovation, technology, and aesthetic appeal together, Bathroom Design I-Spa will continue to develop new products that create inner peace through a five-sense therapy for both domestic and international markets. The company is currently focusing on innovating its own technology integrated by oriental sciences and sensation of spa therapy, to create bathroom products that meet customers’ demands, both functionally and aesthetically.

LA’MOUR BED Hydro Massage Bed: The World’s First Transparent Spa Bath 


The new concept of the lay-down hydro massage bed, LA’MOUR BED offers full body enjoyment and relaxation with a retro sleek design integrated with novelties and aesthetic, therapeutic massage functions. The clean and ergonomic design features an invisible control and display incorporated in the translucent acrylic bed; this provides a multi-touch electronic mixer for the hot and cold water supply as jets and a shower create the ultimate bathing experience. 

GALAXY RAIN Rain Shower: The World’s First 3D Sculpture Rain Shower


The 3D Layer Rain Shower comes in a natural freeform sculpture, delivering surprising, innovative wellness functions. Offering head and shoulders hydro massage therapy and natural sound therapy, the rain shower is designed to bring four layers of rain, which are integrated with three different rain programs:Mode-1 Rain Shower Massage, Mode-2 Foam Shower and Mode-3 Spray Shower. 

SMOOTHIE FREESTAND OVERFLOW BATHTUB: The World’s First Freestanding Overflow Bathtub


Inspired by nature and harmoniously blended with design and technology, the ergonomic freestanding bathtub integrates an ultimate massage with the adjustable effect of hydro jet therapy. Other functions also provide health benefits; for example, the hydrothermal shower helps boost blood circulation, while the air bubbling ozone purifies water and replenishes skin, and galaxy light therapy brings inspiration and pleasure while soaking in the bath. 


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