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Grajang presents luxury fine ornaments using traditional Thai motifs and patterns.




Design Excellence Award (DEMark)


Golden A' Design Award

With the delicate and exquisite beauty of traditional Thai patterns, Grajang aims to attract the modern jewelry world’s attention with their unique decorative accessories.

Truly passionate with traditional Thai patterns, jewelry and lore, the Grajang brand has created vintage designs of fine ornaments to meet modern trends and tastes.

Grajang expects that the contemporary design combined with modern production techniques will appeal to more people, widening the appeal of Thai arts and aesthetics, allowing them to be appreciated through a novel approach.

In order to provide more up-to-date looks in terms of jewelry, Grajang has simplified Thai traditional motifs to be more streamlined in shape. However, the designs remain delicate and charming, with a luxurious touch. Meanwhile, by applying colors and trends from the guidance of Trend Jewelry Design Forecast (TFJ), Grajang strives to create modern jewelry that retains the distinctive charm of Thai arts.

Inspired by John Hardy, who revives and recreates Bali jewelry-making traditions, Grajang aims to create Thai traditional patterns like “grajang” to be well-known and accepted globally. The brand currently works to make various unique and outstanding designs by adapting more grajang patterns before expanding to use other Thai traditional arts and patterns. The brand prides itself on the value of authenticity; it is the soul of local Thai society that makes each piece truly one of a kind.


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