The PARQ Collection splices the relation between nature and urban lives.

A compelling art showcase by emerging contemporary artists curated to enhance wellness and the quality of life

The PARQ, lifestyle mixed-use development integrating smart workplaces and retail under the concept of “Life Well Balanced,” announced the launch of The PARQ Collection, a collection of site-specific contemporary artworks for public display. Representing the seamless connection between urban lives and nature, the collection has been purposefully curated to enhance the quality of life and the positive aspects of human experience among The PARQ’s occupants and visitors alike.

Ms. Charintip Choomuenwai, Chief Curator and Vice President, Marketing Communications (Art & Culture), The PARQ, introduced the concept of The PARQ Collection, said “There is an expanding body of research to support the correlation between art and wellness which includes reducing stress levels, rejuvenating tired minds, increasing productivity and augmenting creativity.”

The collection is curated with a focus on nonverbal communications to internal feelings, reconnecting urban lives with architecture and nature in a seamless manner and offer soothing and gentle sensations.

“Nature is a great source of inspiration for The PARQ Collection as it is related to the intrinsic qualities of all creations.”

– Charintip Choomuenwai, Chief Curator

In curating The PARQ Collection, the curatorial team carefully selected a group of emerging artists to create works under the concept of relations between humans, nature, and technology, as well as sustainability principles. The collection comprises five artworks, including three by Thai artists and two by Amsterdam-based artist Studio Drift. The artworks by Studio Drift are expected to be installed on-site once the travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic subsides. The installations in The PARQ Collection currently on display are:

“Kuer Koon” by Pongsatat “Dong” Uaiklang

The sculpture illustrates the idea of working and living as two forces that support and complement each other. Sturdy yet fluid, the stainless-steel sculpture with mirror finish surface tells a story of a desired high quality of life. The organic shape of the sculpture reflects the connectivity of the forces, conveying strength yet embodying the wellbeing and life balance on the premise.

“The Cradle” by Aor Sutthiprapha

The cradle-to-cradle design concept conveys an idea of a place, a process or an event where something originates, grows and flourishes. The creation of The Cradle is challenging owing to the scale, delicate craft techniques, and time-consuming handmade processes. Each element of the piece was meticulously designed and structured in order to form an overall sophisticated ceramic sculpture.

“The Cocoon” by Sanitas Pradit-tasnee of Sanitas Studio

Inspired by natural cocoon, The Cocoon conveys the contrast of city and nature which can coexist harmoniously. Comprising two seats made of hundreds of stainless steel tiles, the installation serves as a little hideout in a chaotic metropolis where passers-by are welcome to take a seat to find peace and a break from their busy day while the materials reflect the surrounding lush trees. The sound of bells can be heard when the wind blows.

Additionally, as a main sponsor of Bangkok Art Biennale 2020, The PARQ is the venue for an exhibition of important artworks by renowned local and international artists as part of the highly-anticipated international art festival, which is scheduled for October 12, 2020 – January 31, 2021.

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The PARQ is the first mixed-use development in Thailand aiming for WELL Gold certifications.
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