A New Hemingway touch in Bangkok

Have a secret meeting with your favorite writer at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
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the old man bar hemingway

When it comes to Hemingway, the first thing that comes to mind, if not his works, might be his passion for drinks. He was a sophisticated heavy drinker who spent a lot of time hanging around the best bars in Paris and Pamplona.

For this season, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok brings a touch of Hemingway to Bangkok with The Old Man Pop Up Experience. Teaming with Hong Kong-based award-winning The Old Man Bar, this specially-designed space will be dedicated to 9 conceptual cocktails inspired by Hemingway. It also has his favorite drinks and some titbits that will help you know Ernest Hemingway better. (Do you know that he is a champagne drinker?)

This pop up space will run until 31 August 2019.

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