TCDC Khon Kaen highlights people, business, and place as keys to Isan creativity

Thailand Creative and Design Center officially opens in Khon Kaen on Kanlapaphruek Road

With the national economic strategy Thailand 4.0 , the Thai government has set goals to strengthen human capital by increasing people’s learning access and connect local entrepreneurs with creativity. In this context, the Creative Economy Agency (CEA) has expanded its roles and services to the northeastern region, commonly known to Thais as Isan.

One of the missions above is to establish the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) in Khon Kaen as a supporting mechanism to incubate, promote, and connect creative cultures within Isan. As in 2020, TCDC services will span across knowledge transfer, skill development, value creation for products and services, as well as constructing an environment for creative people, creative business, and creative space to grow organically.

As of now, their three main services include;

Learning Center on Design and Creativity – a center of knowledge and databases in the forms of print media, multimedia, exhibitions, and talks by Thai and foreign speakers. These services will benefit over 46 university faculties across the region that teach design, arts, and creative subjects, as well as more than 80,000 local SMEs who wish to access further knowledge for self-development.

Isan Material Innovation Center – a hub of information on materials from all over the world as well as local Isan materials, including woven fabrics, bamboo sticks, metalware, and pottery. With its international material database network, this IMI center also acts as a channel for local material providers to present their works to the global market.

Creative Business Development Center – to ensure that creative industries are well connected to the manufacturing sector, this CBD center aims to enhance the capability of local entrepreneurs by collaborating with various agencies to organize business incubation programs, commercial events, and marketing activations that would help more than 80,000 SMEs and 1,300 community enterprises.

The Design that interconnects people

Located in the area of Khon Kaen University, TCDC Khon Kaen housed a two-story building with the]Pusable area of 1,800 square meters, divided into

  • Ground floor: space for events under the building, exhibition room of 180 square meters, and 70-seat auditorium.
  • Second floor: Office area, library with 110 seats, Information Resources Center, Isan Material Innovation Center, and small meeting rooms.

The ground floor accommodates an open space similar to the basement of Isan village houses.

The overall design intends to maximize space usage while maintaining the original plant positions.

Since the building locates within the area of Khon Kaen University, ​​known as Mor Din Daeng, the architect, therefore, picks the earthy color scheme and uses local materials such as bamboo to reflect genius loci.

More information on events and activities: facebook.com/TCDCKhonKaen

Contact TCDC Khon Kaen:
Tel. 0-4300-9389 Ext. 400
E-mail: info.khonkaen@tcdc.or.th
Address: 123 Khon Kaen University (Kangsadan), Mittraphap Road, Mueang District, Khon Kaen 40002

Photo credit: Creative Economy Agency

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