Bespoke bike meets jewelry by Half Caste Creations & Lotus Arts de Vivre

Meet KETO, a one-of-a-kind custome motorbike created by two Bangkok-based brands Half Caste Creations and Lotus Arts de Vivre.

Once upon a time in a parallel universe, there was a mythical creature, KETO. KETO is a fire breathing and water slithering half-dragon, half-fish living creature. But what might surprise you is that in our world, KETO also exists in the form of a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. A cool motorcycle by Bangkok-based creative brand Half Caste Creations and jewelry brand Lotus Arts de Vivre.

Half Caste Creations: from a custom bike shop to a multidisciplinary design studio

Half Caste Creations started off humbly as Dennis Karlsson founded his small custom bike shop in Lardprao in 2013. He quickly became known as the transformer of vintage motorcycles to modern-day works of art. In 2018, Yann Kennedy joined Half Caste Creations to add more product ranges like leather goods, vintage furniture and art, and set up the company to be a design studio.

But designing what? For Half Caste Creations, everything is possible.  “Our studio is an impression of how we live. A playground for the curious mind, a version of a different thought considered entirely. We are constantly in search for that of which has yet to be seen, estranged to what already exists. Time consuming and often inefficient, we value the process in discovering new interpretations.”

“His Name is KETO” – a collaboration between Half Caste Creations and Lotus Arts de Vivre

The KETO bike is the best example. Despite the differences, Half Caste Creations and Lotus Arts de Vivre share values in craftsmanship and the usage of unexpected materials to convey new emotions. It took two years to complete this sculptural silver encrusted motorcycle. This masterpiece also features a collection of objects of desires, jewelry and accessories. Everything comes with the key concepts from both brands; punk, Brutalist, retro-futuristic DNA of Half Caste Creations and decadent, organic and oriental essence of Lotus Arts De Vivre.

“Half Caste Creations bikes are supposed to reflect the creative experience of building a motorcycle. The sampling of an imaginable product of the future, lingers on the reality of creatively designing something that solves a problem and answers to a different reality for the vision of tomorrow.”

After the birth of KETO comes the birth of NYAAARG by Half Caste Creations, the brand’s concept store at Nai Lert Park which is launching very soon. This 700 square meters space will be like a cabinet of curiosities with a variety of creations, from vintage goods to furniture, clothes and jewelry. This is not only to express the brand’s standpoint as a multidisciplinary design studio, but also to question the online shopping craze nowadays. Good things take time, right?

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