Art and science meet at Jaras Light Fest

BACC is now showcasing colorful installation powered by solar energy.
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In Thailand, the art world and the science world are two worlds apart. If you study in the traditional Thai education system, at some point, you have to choose one. But is it necessarily so?

Luckily, in the age of energy depletion and environmental crisis comes the new kind of art called ‘solar art’. Empowered by solar energy, the solar artworks not only serve as the representations of ideas or aesthetics, but are also the testaments that the art world and the science world can live in harmony.

To introduce solar art in Thailand, Jaras Light Fest is held by BACC and supported by Power Development Fund, Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand. This festival which showcases the works of 11 artists and art collectives is on view from today until 2 February 2020 at the forecourt and above the walkway connecting BTS on the third floor of BACC.

Images: courtesy of Jaras Light Fest

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