Aor Sutthiprapha: Communicating the Essence of Nature Through Ceramics

A conversation with Aor Sutthiprapha on the day she grew up as a renowned artist, and about her new role at Potters Of Thailand to raise awareness and values of ceramic art in Thai society.
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Aor work 4

“Aor” Sutthiprapha is a Thai ceramics artist whose contemporary designs have achieved global recognition. Her brand and namesake, Aor Sutthiprapha, showcases her latest designs in exhibitions 2-3 times a year, both within Thailand and internationally. She also steps out of her comfort zone every now and then to join residency programs in different countries. Aside from this, Aor still has some time left to take on commission work for small studios.


“Seeing my designs, Europeans think of oriental simplicity, while Asians get Scandinavian vibes.”

Recently, Aor was invited to participate in an artist residency program in Shigaraki, Japan for 90 days. Her designs were also displayed at the Internal Dialog, Shigaraki 2019 exhibition. Following shortly after was the NCECA 2019 Conference at Minneapolis in the U.S., which is globally one of the largest ceramic exhibitions in the industry.

(Left) Aor Sutthiprapha, (Right) ‘Ease’ porcelain work (2016)

The piece that got her noticed within the industry was her Weaving Indigo exhibition, first showcased in Sweden. It was a solo work that presented how Buddhist philosophy could be incorporated into simplistic shapes that reflect the power of hard work as well as intricate lines of rare skill.

** In September 2019, Aor will hold another main exhibition in Bangkok, where her new collection and variations of her previous work will be displayed **

In addition to her role as a ceramic artist, Another role that holds her interest is to co-organize the event called P O T (Potters Of Thailand) at the National Museum with other two prominent artists; Pim Suthikham and Mo Jirachaisakul. Their mutual dream is to elevate this event to the association level and will try to organize it bi-annually.

“We want this event to build and expand awareness of ceramic art in our society. Last year we managed to invite world-class artists like Jenifer Lee (Loewe Craft Prize winner in 2018) to participate in. I truly believe that if we continue to do this, it will gradually change people mindset and make Thai people see values of ceramic arts as it should be”

POTs – the Vessel: World-class Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, March 2019
Shigaraki 1, Stoneware by Jennifer Lee

“The trend that is going on in Thailand is that OEM factories will slow down. While small studios with strong identities will blossom”

Aor once said that for her entire life, following the path of Buddhist philosophy has been the only way she has ever worked. Her designs have often ignited conversations with her audience around the topic of uncertainty, with “earth” as the medium for reflecting these thoughts throughout the years. Her ceramics are known to involve the concepts of:

1) Timelessness
2) Simplicity
3) Repetition
4) Sublimity

We believe that for Aor Sutthiprapha ceramic has brought to her life both external and internal growth. The medium provides her with opportunities to re-develop herself over and over and help her understand the true meaning of perishable beauty in nature.

Facebook: Aor Sutthiprapha

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