The Secret Sauce of Sepsakon, a Thai online platform on international music

Founder of Sepsakon shares the keys to success and how to attract more than 400k followers

Founder of Sepsakon shares the keys to success and how to attract more than 400k followers

Music is a universal language. Despite the language barriers, human souls could be linked through melodies, and we can feel that through the contents presented by Sepsakon (described as ‘music in whatever’ in English), a facebook page with more than 400k followers, which has now expanded into a website with the same name. The page was created years ago by a Thai man, whose name he wished to be undisclosed, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Music Industry from the University of Liverpool. At first glance, it was hard to tell how passionate about music he was, until we sit and talked.

The beginning of Sepsakon

“I like listening to music. Like other teenagers, I like many things, but music seems to be what I like the most since high school. Back then, my friends listened to many kinds of music, while I knew just several international bands. So I learned from my friends. I learned that international bands were not only about Linkin Park. Lucky that I was open-minded, otherwise I might stick with just one genre of music. Then I started reading music magazines and delving into other subjects related to music. There are so many stories about artists and the backstories. These made music more interesting. But when music magazine in Thailand started to close down, I was lost for a while. There was not so many Thai websites that provided updates on international music. So I thought why not creating one.”

Behind the name Sepsakon

“I thought that I would like to do a page on international music, so the word “sakon” or “universal” was needed. While “sep” or “take in” sounded more serious than “listen”. When I combining the two, I got the name that I like. For the logo I made it by myself with the Paint program. I was not good at designing. I just knew that I like red color and circles. But I need to add a white dot so it won’t be similar to the Japanese flag. But the logo has meaning. The white dot represents a group of people who like so many genres of music. But it doesn’t matter what genre of music you like. What matters is music bring us together. We might be a small white dot, but we are clear and determined.”

A space for music lovers

“I like the idea of space. Like when I was in high school and we share songs we liked among friends. That is what I would like Sepsakon to be. I know new bands from followers who paste the links in the comments or message me. So it is not about me presenting my ideas, but it is a place where everyone can speak out as well. I am not here to tell you what is good or not. This is the space where people can meet up.”

Create viral contents

“Compared to other pages, my contents are not that viral. Some posts might be shared a lot, but it is because the contents are unique and different from what other pages do. We need to know that what would our followers want to read or what is current. If we can connect that with music, the contents will be popular.”

How to deal with dramas

“There are lots of dramas going on everywhere because people think differently. In my page as well. But I think it’s normal. It is up to us that we want to take it seriously or not.

“As the admin, my job is to present music news. Most dramas are just about clashes of ideas. There’s nothing logical at all. What I can do is to maintain the ambiance by avoiding sensitive topics like politics or religion. That’s all.”

You studied Music Industry. What you would like to see in Thailand’s music industry?

“I think people need change. But after seeing the music industry outside Thailand, I have to say Thailand has to be more active. Music listeners and, of course, Sepsakon as well. But since it is a process, what I can do is focusing on Sepsakon first. I need to present a wider range of information to my followers. The page needs to be a dedicated space for international music.  Think if people in the industry try to move themselves forward, the industry will develop further.”

Being anonymous

“It’s childish in some ways. When I started my page, I didn’t want other people to know that it is my page, and I was very happy to see my friends or someone I know came to like my page without forcing them. Right now, there are several perks of being anonymous. I feel free to write. Some contents might hurt the feelings of someone close to me, but it is ok. They don’t know who I am.”

The Future of Sepsakon

“I want the contents to be more diverse. The quality also has to be better. Another objective is that I want this page to be a space for every genre of music, and everything can be connected through every social media platforms. If Sepsakon can cater to the needs of people in general who listen to international music, not just a niche group who love international music, I would be very happy.”

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