Thailand launches effort to boost the gems and jewelry industry with a virtual trade fair.

Initiated by DITP, the BGJF Special Edition - On Ground to Online Exhibition will be a virtual version of the iconic Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair.
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BGJF On Ground to Online - Prima Gold by Pranda

“In every crisis lies an opportunity”

We have heard this saying so often during this pandemic time, and this stays true. Looking on the bright side, the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated most businesses to go online faster, and this includes the global gems and jewelry industry.

Meanwhile in Thailand, Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair, one of the largest trade fairs of the country, is fighting hard as well. Although the physical event has been rescheduled for February 2021, its first online version was recently revealed. Titled ‘BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition’, this virtual event on will feature the showcases of more than 600 brands from Thailand and worldwide. The showcased products will range from gemstones, pearls, diamonds, jewelry, costume jewelry, synthetic stones, displays and packaging, jewelry parts, equipment and tools, machinery, etc.

Apart from the showcase, ‘BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition’ will facilitate buyers and exporters with the online business matching service which can be booked in advance until 30 October, but fair visitors can also contact exhibitors on site via live chats and video calls. Register at

This online event is hosted by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DTIP), Ministry of Commerce, who has organised trade fairs for many product categories, from food to fashion and lifestyle products. If succeed, this model will be implemented for other trade fairs in the future as well.

Of course, it is not easy to do business in these challenging times, but all we have to do is trying.

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