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Asia’s rising ceramic designers who balance nature with human touch
Lamunlamai (T Styler)

Lamunlamai is a Bangkok-based craft studio and ceramic pottery founded by artists Nol Netprom and Nopkamon Akarapongpaisan, both graduated in Industrial Design from the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. With a shared passion of pottery, they decided to established their studio on a rooftop of Nol’s house, creating daily tableware objects, decorative items and installation art pieces that ooze a sense of gentleness, just like the name of their studio, which means ‘gentle’ or ‘mellow’ in Thai. While Nol likes to experiment on functionality, Nopkamon is interested in the connection between objects and feelings. The result is a balanced collection filled with functional and emotional values. At present, they design and do custom-made products for leading restaurants and cafes, and showcase their works in group exhibitions from time to time. Their works received Honorable Mention prizes from Thailand’s Natural Ceramics Exhibitions, and were selected to represent Thailand in T-Style Craft Object “Eclectic Siam” in Maison & Objets Paris in 2018.

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