Thai Jewelry Shines at the 65th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair

Under the concept of Thailand’s Magic Hands, also showcases unmatched Thai craftsmanship.
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Gems and jewelry have been Thailand’s main export products for many years. To showcase this potential of Thailand as the regional hub of gems and jewelry trade, the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, has held the bi-annual Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair. Apart from gathering leading brands in the industry from all over the world, the fair, held under the concept of Thailand’s Magic Hands, also showcases unmatched Thai craftsmanship.

One highlight of the 65th edition was the Networking Reception event, which were held as a business platform where people in the industry can meet to further their business connections. The event also aimed at creating a new community of gems and jewelry professionals under the concept of ‘Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Elite Clubs’. Accompanying this special happening was a performance-cum-jewelry presentation, showcasing the masterpieces of selected Thai exhibitors like Beauty Gems, Der Mond, Prima Gold by Pranda, Iris Gold by Pattama, etc.

The 65th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair is held between 25-29 February 2020 (public days between 28-29) at Challenger 1-3, Impact Exhibition Centre Muang Thong Thani. For more information please visit the website

Portraits: Ekaphop Duangkham

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