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Bambunique sets out to create innovative, eco-friendly bamboo furniture and interior decorations.




Good Design Award (G-Mark)


Designer of the Year, Silpakorn University

Tough but flexible, bamboo furniture not only makes Bambunique a unique furnishing but also meets the needs of environmentally friendly people.

After meticulous research, bamboo has been chosen to be the main natural source of material for Bambunique, to create innovative, stylish furniture and decorations. These bamboo-made items are developed and produced to offer functional use as well as to express artistic creativity.

In the process, Bambunique discovered that bamboo is an incredible natural material. The plant grows easily, taking hardly any time to mature, with no harm to the environment; therefore, it serves as the perfect natural source that aligns with the need for future sustainability. And, to avoid damage from moths and mold, Bambunique has developed an eco-friendly protective solution that can be applied directly to the bamboo.

For more than a decade, Bambunique has become the top Thai manufacturer and exporter of bamboo-made interior and decorative furniture, known for great quality and unique styling. Specifically, quality means tough and durable furniture while unique refers to classic contemporary design with the delicate handicraft of local artisans.

To remain the lead manufacturer of bamboo home goods, Bambunique never stopped its research and development efforts. That’s why the brand continuously puts out an array of signature pieces with a diverse and compelling assortment of bamboo materials, furniture, lighting, and accessories. The brand also collaborates with other leading brands in designing for many hospitality-oriented projects such as hotels, resorts, spas, and restaurants.

Bambunique expects to present the true beauty of bamboo by combining craft know-how and unique style to create a masterpiece. The company uses only local Thai bamboo called “Phaetong – Dendrocalamus Asper”, sourced from contracted farms all over Thailand.The firm concentrates in every process by adopting environmentally friendly innovative techniques while continuously exploring and developing wonderful and limitless materials for the future.

Delicately beautiful through simplicity, Bambunique is committed to providing endless design discoveries along with creative conceptual art. The approach is always CRAFT meets INNOVATION, resulting in harmonious living at one with nature. The brand also aims to offer a signature design that is diverse and compelling, from interior decoration to furniture and exterior architecture — all of which will uplift the spirit of any space.


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