Wirin Chaowana

Wirin Chaowana is the founder of PUB PIAB RIAB ROY studio. Her famous collections comprise of custom made paper craft, inspired by Thai traditional fresh flower arrangements that is one of the most valued and refined handicrafts of Thailand. Wirin aims to reinterpret this ancient beauty in an innovative ways by replacing fresh flowers with …

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Apiwat Chitapanya

Apiwat Chitapanya is a design maker who can bring out the best from metal welding work. His award winning collection ‘Feather’ is still being displayed at exhibitions in many countries. Apiwat’s design usually combines skillful welding of thin metal strands with elaborate details to create a sublime elegance like no other. He often collaborates with …

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Korakot Aromdee

Korakot Aromdee was born in a fisherman’s village in Phetchaburi province of Thailand, where he learnt to fix bamboo-fishing equipment and to knot hemp string into traditional Chula kites. His knowledge of 12th century tying techniques and personal interest in handicrafts inspired him to build an eponymous business manufactures large-scale bamboo sculptures, tray tables, decorative …

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François Russo

François Russo is the creative director and founder of MAISON TAKUYA, a company which he founded in 2008, and which designs luxury leather goods. Educated in Paris, now he lives in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Unlike any other luxury brand in the world, each and every Maison Takuya product is completely hand stitched by a …

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Rush Pleansuk

Rush Pleansuk looks at design as the living culture. A lot of his inspiration comes from observing different cultures when they perform their own way of life. It is very exciting for him to see how people could design and use one object in such a different context. Rush also co-founds SUMPHAT GALLERY in Bangkok, …

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Saran Yen Panya

Saran Yen Panya is a founder of 56THSTUDIO; a creative agency that focuses on telling good stories with no restricted manners or disciplines. Offering new marketing materials and initiatives, his work involves curating, creating, and amplifying content which are truly inspiring to defined audience group. He believes that interesting conversations take place in a real …

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