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Apirat Boonruangthaworn

Experience eco-unique, functional and innovative design through the eyes of Apirat Boonruangthaworn.

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Notable Thai designer Apirat Boonruangthaworn, after realizing that the design of new creative things to respond to the needs of beauty does not have to encroach on the environment, put all his efforts into producing unique, functional and innovative furniture. Under his own design concept, his works are considered a perfect combination of Thainess and environmental friendly sensibilities.

After discovering his passion in eco-conscious design, Bangkok-born designer Apirat Boonruangthaworn has dedicated years to gathering knowledge and honing techniques in order to discover his own path of design and creativity.

Apirat’s furniture and decoration design strictly revolves around the concepts of being simple but exquisite, and innovative but functional. Meanwhile, seriously concerned about the environmental issues, Apirat persists with circular design — meaning his works not only meet the uniquely aesthetic and creative demands, but also serve the criterion of being environmentally friendly.

As the global design market keeps evolving to remain dynamic, Apirat has realized that it is his challenge to discover new interpretations of Thainess and crafts in a timely manner. And until now, it can be said that he has successfully found a way to be reminiscent of the past while representing it in new forms along with universal demand.

Working as a freelance designer with many leading Thai and foreign manufacturers, Apirat has created a number of outstanding designs ranging from small decorative items to large furniture pieces. Such companies include Yothaka, E.G.G., Hawaii Thai Furniture, Corner43Decor, Deesawat, Practika, Fisher Mobel, Index Living Mall, VIN and VATIN. 

After years of accumulated experiences, Apirat has partnered with his fellow designers to start up “Our Studio”, a design studio, in 2007. Then in 2010, he established “Apirat Boonruangthawor Studio” to create furniture under his own philosophy, and finally launched his own furniture brand “+SENSE”, which is under his direction. It aims to minimize unnecessary details and maximize a human sense with eco-friendly consciousness in everyday objects.

For his next step, Apirat expects to perfectly narrate and combine the sense of Thainess into every piece of his designs. In Apirat’s perspective, Thainess is something that cannot be seen or touched but felt. It is the tender, delicate way of thinking and living by concerning surrounding people and neighborhoods. Therefore, his work not only presents the simplicity and creativity of design but also gives users the experience of some care and thoughtfulness in every detail.

SUITE Collection

The collection reflects a collaboration between Apirat and Fisher Mobel, a leading German design brand. The seat and back of the SUITE DINING Chair is made of rope, one of Apirat’s favorite materials. The structure of the chair is simply wrapped with horizontal ropes, and has a soft, flexible texture on a parallel structure curving into the seat and back of the chairs. Tying the rope is not only for decoration, but also for preventing direct contact between the user’s  back and the hard metal frame. In addition to the modern, western contemporary look, the weaving pattern used in the chairs reflect the simplification of traditional crisscross weaving patterns that impartThai handmade products with an international appeal, making Thainess accessible to the world.

SMOOD Collection

The collection of outdoor chairs and tables is produced from recycled aluminum waste by using recast materials to create the joints and tubes of the furniture. During the making process, any aluminum remaining is used for producing the next piece, leaving no waste. Moreover, as using screws and o-rings to assemble the joints and tubes, the furniture requires no welding. Meanwhile, the seat part itself is handmade from polyethylene (PE) rattan which withstands any weather condition while also reflecting the artistry of Thai weaving handicrafts.


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