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5ive Sis

Luxury home décor brand 5ive Sis creates with “tin minerals”, a pewter material that elevates decorative pieces to truly show-stopping levels.

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Prime Minister's Export Award


Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

5ive Sis turns pewter and precious metal wares into luxurious home decoration pieces that are delicate, exquisite and show-stopping. Start conversations with visiting guests at your home with distinctive works embedded with Oriental designs and zodiac motifs.

The luxury home décor brand derived its name from the founders: five sisters who come from a family with a background in producing pewter materials and crafting tin. Seeing the value of pewter pieces that come from a mixture of silver and tin, 5ive Sis elevates the material into delicate decoration items that showcase Thai culture and beliefs. 

Designs exude an Oriental feel with zodiac motifs, while maintaining extremely modern aesthetics and functionality for practical, everyday use. Today, one of the brand’s best-selling items includes twine glasses decorated with birth month flowers, chess icons or 12 zodiac signs. The studio constantly explores new technologies, and other precious metals such as 24k gold and copper are also designed into products suited as premium gifts. 

In order to connect the history of the past to the present, Sumphat has gone on journeys to learn about long-lost craftsmanship and to revive it through design. Driven by the Wabi Sabi philosophy, the works of Sumphat celebrate the beauty of human imperfections that enables us to feel. “We feel nothing from perfection, but we always feel something from imperfections,” explains Rush Pleansuk. As a result, each piece by Sumphat, which is created by hand, is truly emotional and one-of-a-kind.
5ive Sis’s wine glass collections draw inspiration from Asian elements, from the Chinese zodiac to auspicious flowers and animals. Combining the brand’s signature pewter with lead-free crystal, the glasses can be used as wine glasses or decorative items. 


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