The Story of Japanese Textiles

Japan has a long history of textiles. One testament is HOSOO, a long-established Nishijin-weaving house that has passed on its legacy through 13 generations of the Hosoo family for more than 300 years. Having Masataka Hosoo at the helm, the house has become a prestigious brand, producing works for international luxury brands from Chanel, Dior to Ritz-Carlton.

A Firenze graduate and member of the “GOON” project, Masataka Hosoo learnt about Japanese textiles by traveling to various regions of Japan and documented what he saw through photographs. The country’s textile varieties like “Kyo-Yuzen”, “Echigo-Jofu”, “Oshima Tsumugi” and “Behihana Zome” reflect different climates, histories and cultural diversities of each region.

To present the charm of Japanese textile craftsmanship and legacies, Masataka Hosoo came up with The Story of Japanese Textiles exhibition. Combining his selected photographs with the works of other photographers, the exhibition recounted ancient techniques, special materials and refinement were retold through vivid visuals. The Story of Japanese Textiles exhibition was recently held at Mikimoto Headquarters, Tokyo.

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